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Family at a Beach

Family Therapy

Family Therapy or Systemic Therapy, enables family members, couples and others who care about each other to improve the interactions among members of the family or similar close relationships and to understand each other’s experiences and views.  Family Therapy helps to explore difficult emotions safely, help to see each others' perspectives, restore trust, build on strengths and make changes in a useful way.  

A Family Therapist observes the type and intensity of expressed emotions, family roles, family alliances, communication styles and family triangles. Triangulation can happen when parents are experiencing stress in their relationship and confide in the child to reduce their own stress, anger, sadness. This unhealthy communication pattern stops the child from much needed developmental stages to 'serve' the parents' emotional needs. 

The goal of Family Therapy is to help families find their strength, improve communication, increase knowledge and parenting skills with childhood and adolescence issues and gain a better understanding of diverse family relationships. 

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy or Counselling gives you an opportunity to help clarify issues, gain knowledge and 

motivate you to change entrenched thoughts and behaviours. Therapy builds on your strengths and helps you generate 

solutions where you can improve and repair your relationships, increase positive thoughts and feelings about yourself and work to a better psychological wellbeing.

People come to therapy for many different reasons e.g.  traumatic experiences, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, grief and loss, emotional regulation issues   and disengagement from work or school. 

Walking on the Beach
Wandering Traveler

Clinical Supervision for Counsellors

Clinical Supervision is essential for professional development, quality management for clients and self-care. Supervision is a reflective process to improve your skills, clinical competence, enhance consumer protection and safety care in complex case situations.  


Manon is a well established therapist and, has a wealth of experience in providing therapy with a diverse range of clientele. She will guide and encourage you, build on your strengths, increase your knowledge and support you with complex case decisions. 

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