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Family Therapy

People develop values, beliefs and skills through influences from their environment. Families grow and learn together by facing challenges. Family therapy helps change communication and improve relationships by building on peoples' strengths and understanding of each other.

There are a variety of ways to do family therapy including having all family members present, however, depending on the goals the therapist might change who attends the sessions.

Individual Therapy

Many people would like to overcome issues that control their daily life.

Children might show emotional regulation problems, separation anxiety, low self-esteem and withdrawn behaviour.

Young people could experience, confusion, high levels of stress, social issues, signs of depression, family conflict and self doubt.

Adults with a variety of life experiences might have issues such as coping with stress, parenting skills, depression, self-esteem issues, social isolation and relationship difficulties.

Whatever age you are, there are times where you need extra help to overcome or learn to handle your thoughts, feelings and actions in different ways. Individual therapy can be part of your journey.

Clinical Supervision for Counsellors

Manon is a qualified Clinical Supervisor, she is accredited as a Clinical Supervisor by the Australia Counselling Association (ACA) and is a member of the Supervision College with ACA. 

Through a positive working alliance, Manon stimulates and challenges you to develop your skills as a counsellor whilst focusing on enhancing your clients' wellbeing. 

— Sonia Hoffman 


"Manon provides high-quality support for families focused on fostering the relationships that enable problems to be addressed, healthy limits to be set and family members to thrive because of the healing of their connection to each other. She also provides excellent clinical supervision and support. Thank you Manon".


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